Pokio FAQ: Questions and Answers regarding Pokio

pokio faq

Pokio FAQ 2021

The Pokio FAQ: we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding Pokio for you right here:

Can I play from Nordic countries?

Yes, you can play from Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. (Not Denmark.)

Can I play Pokio from My country?

Pokio is licensed via the Malta Gaming Authority, which means that you can only play from a country where online gambling is legal. Check out the our map: Pokio restricted countries

How do I make a deposit on Pokio?

Go to -> WALLET, click on -> DEPOSIT: the available deposit methods will be shown. (Ex: Visa, MasterCard, Revolut, Skrill etc)

Is there any Rakeback on Pokio?

There’s no information available at this time.

Which Pokio Clubs should I join?

You can gladly request an invite to any of our clubs:
#101707 Na Zdrowie Club (*To be decided*)
#101650 Aurora Poker (Finnish Poker Circle)
#100857 Northern Poker Club (Nordic Circle)
#100856 The Poker Inn (Irish Poker Community)
#100854 Diamond Lounge (United Poker Clubs)
#100780 The Poker Mansion (Midgard Poker Community)
#102123 Cash Game League (Standalone Pokio Circle)
#102061 Scandi Poker Club (Three Crowns)
#102023 Deuces Wild (Mediterranean Poker)

Is there any welcome bonus?

No, there’s no welcome or deposit bonus at the moment. However, Pokio are welcoming new players with a €250 Freeroll.

Is there any HUD or stats shown on Pokio?

No, you can’t use any third-party statistical programs with the Pokio App. However, there’s a built-in option for some tables where you can see real-time statistics such as: VPIP, PFR, Hands played and Win rate.
pokio faq

How do you make a request to withdrawal money?

Go to -> WALLET, click on -> WITHDRAWAL: the available deposit methods will be shown. Note: You have to make a withdrawal with your deposit method the first time.

Where can I play Pokio?

You can download the Poker App via App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and play directly through your mobile phone. Or you can play via PC on your desktop.

Can I play Pokio with Bitcoins?

At the moment it’s not possible to play Pokio with different Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum etc.

If you have any other questions that you can’t find in our Pokio FAQ – feel free to contact us in the app or read more here.


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