pokio isildur circle battle of midgard
Battle of Midgard @ Midgard Poker Community (Isildur1)

The myth, the man, the legend “Isildur1” now got his own Pokio Circle! And we’re very excited to announce that Pokio Poker Clubs will be partnering up with the famous Swede.

Back in the good ‘ol poker days, Isildur1 was the one on everyone’s stacks. He’s been around for years and battled in the biggest games this business has ever seen. Now Viktor Blom is an ambassador for Pokio and also got his own community where he wants to give back as much as possible to the players – starting with a sweet rake race!

Battle of Midgard: Rake Race

He’s calling it the “Battle of Midgard” and places a weekly prize pool of €300 in the mix. Grinders can play on whatever games and stakes and get a hold of cash prizes ranging from €25 up to €100!

  • 1st place: €100
  • 2-3: €50
  • 4-5: €25
  • 6-10: Tournament Tickets

And if that wasn’t enough, now you can also sit down at his tables and be able to get the bragging rights of “having won a hand against the poker king”! (Winning two hands would be too much to ask for, right?)

Join our club on Isildur1 Pokio Circle ‘Midgard’: “The Poker Mansion #100780” and enjoy this summer with lots of value and promos!

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